Alleged Rapist Hunted Down Using Facebook.

According to one newspaper a British man has hunted down his wife’s alleged rapist on Facebook and attacked him before persuading her to report the crime to the Police.

The British man used Facebook to contact friends and seek out the 27 year old grocer Andrew Marsh who he believes raped his wife in 2001 when she was at school. After finding Marsh he contacted him to inform him of a surprise party for his wife and asking him to get in touch. Once he had established the grocers home address he went to his house and beat him up before presenting his wife with a choice, she quotes…

“He told me I had to call the police otherwise he would be prosecuted for assault.”

Marsh has denied the allegation and the trial is reported to still be underway.

This is not the first time that Facebook has been used in this way however an American football player recently used the platform as the accused to defeat a false rape conviction.

Line-backer Brian Banks was accused of rape by a classmate in 2002, effectively destroying his career before it had even begun. Hot prospect Banks vehemently denied the allegation and eventually had to take a “plea deal” to avoid over 40 years in jail. Many years later his accuser sent him a friend request on Facebook stating that she wanted to “let bygones be bygones” after which Banks set up a meeting at an attorney’s office and secretly videotaped it as the woman admitted that she had made the whole thing up. After producing this new evidence Banks` conviction was overturned and was given a new NFL try-out this summer.

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