An Easy Way To Protect Yourself From Cybercrime!

With online use of financial services, social media sites and other facilities growing exponentially it is unsurprising that, especially in these times of financial hardship, the rate of cybercrime is rapidly increasing.

A recent American survey of close to 600 companies found that 90% of them had been hacked within the previous 12 months with most admitting that it had happened more than once and stating that they have virtually no confidence that they will be able to successfully prevent it from happening again.

Global statistics show that although the UK is not the most hacked country in the world, thousands of institutions and companies are being hacked on a daily basis with many people also having their personal accounts violated. Surveys show that some companies and institutions do not take Internet security seriously enough with many not having any protection measures in place at all. The same applies to people`s personal home computers however the rise in this area of cybercrime and hacking is partly blamed on the massive increase of broadband availability and the serious lack of knowledge regarding online protection and security issues.

Some of the most common passwords used for personal accounts are listed below.

  • password
  • 123456
  • abc123

I personally find this incredible but it just goes to show the lack of knowledge and or the lack of seriousness that some people have regarding the security of their online accounts. Statistics show that over 65% of all Internet users have been affected by cybercrime so it looks like we should all wise up or next time, as unlikely as you think the possibility may be, IT COULD BE YOU!

Here are the password facts…

  • A six digit lowercase letters only password will take a hackers computer roughly 10 minutes to crack.
  • A seven digit password with both uppercase and lowercase letters will take a hackers computer three years to crack.
  • An eight digit password with both uppercase and lowercase letters including numbers and symbols will take a hackers computer approximately 463 years to crack.

It is strongly recommended that everyone, if they have not already done so, increase the length and content of their online passwords to avoid such intrusions into their privacy and finances. It is also strongly recommended that, although it is considered a pain by some, people use a different password for every online account that they have.

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