Cadbury UK Google+ Product Launch

Cadbury UK has used it`s social media tools to launch a new product, The Dairy Milk Bubbly.

The company exclusively announced their new product on Google+ yesterday at 19.34 with the following post:

“Remember this moment: the first time Cadbury revealed a new product on Google+. The delicious new Dairy Milk Bubbly, available with milk or white bubbles, will be the first of many we hope!”

Google+ only started allowing its customers to create their own brand pages three months ago and this is quite possibly the first time any company, certainly a large corporation, has launched a product in this way and it will definitely not be the last. The popularity of social networking sites such as Google+, Facebook and Twitter gives businesses the opportunity to reach out to a massive audience at very little cost and it is an opportunity that they ignore at their peril, the fact that very soon after the exclusive announcement on Google+ Cadbury UK mentioned the launch of the product on both Facebook and Twitter proves this point.

At this moment The Dairy Milk Bubbly has received  over 500 likes and very nearly 200 comments on its Facebook page allowing thousands of people to view the product in their news feed and creating interest before the launch.

Christian Oestlien, Group Product manager at Google, was clearly very happy with Cadburys decision to use Google+ to launch its product on the platform as he very quickly shared the message on his Google+ profile yesterday.

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