Facebook – A Welcome Change To Your Timeline?

It seems that Facebook are planing yet another change to your timeline which they are testing right now.

The planned change will effectively revert the look of your timeline to something resembling the original look of your Facebook Wall with all posts in a single column on the left and activity updates, friends, places, apps and other sections are on the right. It seems that the current format, posts on both sides, has not gone down too well with Facebook users due to the fact that we have to look from side to side whilst viewing them resulting in some people complaining that it`s confusing. The Facebook page “I hate Timeline, and want to disable it” has over 26,000 likes and considering the fact that most FB users can`t be bothered to “like” things like this it is clear that many people feel the same.

Although the overall look and functionality of Timeline has appealed to some, most notably the younger generation who live their lives out loud on social networks, it seems that the older generation who, it has to be said, use Facebook almost as much as the younger generation, don`t care so much for what they did 10 or 20 years ago but are much more focused on what is happening right now and prefer to be able to view current news in as simpler a format as possible.

The launch of Timeline was hailed as Mark Zuckerberg`s biggest gamble since launching the social network some 8 years ago due to the fact that it was feared it would discourage some from sharing information and images due to its complexed look. Although these fears were eventually proved to be wrong it has been said that the Timeline format just makes it easier for Facebook to “mine” your data and this concern does not seem to have gone away.

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