Facebook and the US state of Washington sue company they accuse of “clickjacking”.

Adscend Media have been accused of “clickjacking” by the social media giant and the US state of Washington and are said to have been earning $1.2 million per month from this scam.

“Clickjacking” involves utilising the “like” button to lure users away from social media sites and onto various web pages containing targeted ads and or subscription services. Adscend Media are said to have created thousands of  “fake” pages on Facebook and then disseminated them to the social media sites users as posts that seem to come from friends containing salatious, pravocative or unusual content. These posts are designed to entice the user to click on them to view them (beleiving that they come from a trust worthy source) which then, for example, redirects the user to a page which promises to allow the user to be able to view said content after completing a few initial steps. The user is then redirected to a totaly independant website which tricks them into disclosing personal information or, for example, signing up for expensive mobile phone contracts. Two separate but similar claims filed in federal court by the state and Facebook accuse Adscend of violating federal and state statutes outlawing misleading or deceptive commercial electronic communications and unfair business practices. The actual number of Facebook users that have been duped by this and other scams is not currently known but investigators have determined that over 280,000 people visited Adscends “locked content pages” during February 2011 so the scale of this is obviously huge.

Have you been tricked by one of these scams, or do you anybody that has? If so please comment below, the faster this information reaches people the sooner unscrupulous website owners will stop earning money from these actions and the sooner innocent people will stop being ripped off.

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