Facebook – Could It Help Or Hinder Your Job Search?

Although Facebook does have a number of job search applications like “BranchOut” it was not, like LinkedIn and other job search communities, originally designed for your professional life.

The fact that Facebook was not designed for this area of your life does, however, not stop potential employers from looking at your profile in order to assess your suitability for employment.

Most job seekers are acutely aware of the fact that employers may use the platform for this purpose but, what a lot of people don`t know, is that according to one survey 12% of potential employers are actually actively using the site to find reasons NOT to employ you. The survey found that 37% of employers look at candidates Facebook profiles to assess their personality, professionalism and whether or not they would “fit in” to the company and although these employers are not actively looking for reasons not to hire you, like the 12% previously mentioned, they might find them.

Rumours that Facebook is going to launch a job search platform have been going around for quite some time, this development could leave users unsure of what to make publicly available through fear of it being seen by the wrong people. The general advice for all users is to edit your privacy settings so that only friends can see your entire profile and posts.


Do you think that your Facebook profile would encourage or put off a potential employer in your line of work? Please leave comments in the box below…..


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