Facebook – It`s an Addiction?

A recent report by the University of Chicago Booth School of Business has found that the desire to check social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter were amongst the toughest temptations to resist, equivalent to cigarettes and sex!

There can be no doubt that it is possible for social networking to have a massively positive effect on our lives…. BUT…

The University studied a wide range of subjects in their information gathering exercise aged between 18 and 85, all German residents.

The subjects of this research were all given Blackberry devices and asked, every 30 minutes, to inform the researchers if they felt the desire to visit their chosen social media sites. In addition to this they were also asked to record their other impulses/cravings such as sleeping, drinking and smoking etc. and rate them from “strong” to “irresistible.”  This research concluded that the desire to “check in” to the subjects’ social media networks was far stronger than the rest.

This study should come as no shock considering the fact that we all use social networking and, if we think about it, we do it more often than we might realise.

Wilhelm Hofmann (lead author of the study) Quotes…

“Part of the reason for the surprising results is social media’s high availability. After all, engaging in a tweet or Facebook post doesn’t take much effort — especially when you can do so with the touch of a few buttons.”

It could be argued that at least “smoking” and “drinking” (although unhealthy) do not exactly take much effort whereas sleeping does require you to take a significant time out from your life…..

The question is this…. “Could social networking have an adverse effect on your quality of life?”

The very fact that 24% of people that responded to one survey reported that they missed out on special occasions purely due to the fact that they were busy documenting their personal experiences online or attempting to capture that “perfect shot” on camera or video to upload to platforms like YouTube and Facebook illustrates the point…. Surely this is madness….
Facebook users in the United Kingdom, United States, France, Australia, New Zealand, India and Singapore all spend, on average, more than 20 minutes on various social media sites every day. In Singapore, the figure is a massive 38 minutes. Facebook users spend 10.5 billion hours EACH DAY on the site, this figure does not include mobile use, collectively that`s close to 20 years per day spent online.

Surveys have reported that approximately 40% of Americans spend more time “socializing” on-line than in person and 20% actually prefer socializing on-line or via text messaging to actual human (face to face) contact.

Is the social media revolution stunting our interpersonal skills, making us less willing to attend social events and making us more content to stay at either home or in the office?….


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