Facebook Scams And How To Spot Them.

Almost everyone that uses Facebook will have been the victim of an online scam however the vast majority of these people are completely unaware of the situation.

Just last week a leading security company posted a blog alerting us about a scam that claims that Facebook would begin charging users for using the site and promising a way of enabling users to continue using the service for free. This particular scam and many others have been around for years but due to the fact that many people either don`t realise or don`t care, they continue to get away with earning easy money from innocent online users.

As we have said in previous blogs, Facebook and social media is growing exponentially (Facebook has over 1-billion users) and this will only attract more cyber criminals looking to make very easy money from an almost irresistible amount of easily accessible online users. There are a few very easy ways to spot potential scams and various places to go to get the truth to enable you, your family and friends to protect yourselves from these unscrupulous people.

Most scams fall into three categories: free offers, scandalous news and Facebook account or service changes. Over the past year, Facebook users have been offered everything from free Disneyland tickets, free iPads, gift certificates, the list goes on.

Internet watchdog blog Bulldog Estate wrote – “If you can`t find the particular offer on the retailer`s main website or Facebook fan page, you should avoid the offer.”

We are only human, most if not all people love gossip, shocking or scandalous images and stories, celebrity sex tapes, the list goes on but you get the point……

For example if it starts with “OMG” or “Shocking” (we have all seen these) then it has a very high chance of being one of these scams, Facecrook (a website that specialises in exposing Facebook scams) wrote “These usually end in a survey scam and a video that doesn’t play.” These scammers don`t just try to lure you in with promises of shocking  content or threats like being charged for using Facebook they also go for the sweeter option such as an APP to allow you to change the colour of your Facebook screen (This message/offer literally swept through the site). The message read – “WOW!!! Hello PINK Facebook!!! Goodbye BLUE Facebook! You can now change your Facebook colour to 8 different colours using colour changer v1.3 here.”

Scammers often use fake features that they know users want in order to lure people into clicking fraudulent links. Other examples include a Facebook dislike button, an app to find out who has been viewing your profile and a tool to remove the often unpopular Timeline interface. If Facebook news appears in your feed as a post instead of at the top of your page, beware.

Bellow we have listed a few sites which will help you to avoid these scams and protect both your personal information and your bank balance….

  • Facebook.com/facecrook (a Facebook page that is dedicated to exposing these scams).
  • facecrooks.com (a website that specialises in exposing Facebook scams).
  • Snopes.com (which has built its reputation on finding the real truth about urban legends but has also become an authoritative hub for Internet scams, including those on Facebook).
  • Hoax-Slayer.com (a site that exposes email scams and now includes information on every kind of social media trap).

Simply visit any of these sites and type in a few keywords such as “Facebook dislike button” – If you get any results you have just avoided being scammed however, even without results from the above sites the information in this blog should enable you to spot potential scams yourself.


Have you or anyone you know been affected by any of these scams? If so please leave a comment in the box below….


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