FBI Identifies Malware Targeting Andriod Phones.

The IC3, an organisation which is a partnership between the FBI and The National White Collar Crime Center investigating Internet-related criminal complaints has identified two new malware versions that target Android operating systems.

One of the various ways that these versions work is by claiming to offer a “work from home” opportunity stating that the user could earn lots of money for sending out emails, an attached link then links to a website that spreads the malware (Loozon) to its target. The malware then steals the users address book information and the infected devices telephone number.

The other version, FinFisher, can take control of specific parts of the phone allowing attackers to take control of the phone and monitor it regardless of the users’ location.

The IC3 quotes…

“FinFisher can easily be transmitted to a smartphone when the victim visits a hyperlink or opens a text message that masquerades as a system update.”

The IC3 offers users help and advice for phone users including installing malware protection APPs and protecting personal data using encryption software, it also offers simple self-protection tips such as setting up passcodes and denying the phone access to unknown wireless networks.

Do you take your mobile phone security seriously or do you not think that these issues apply to you? Please leave your comments in the box below…

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