London/Singapore Researchers Set To Create “Star Trek” Medical Tricorder?

Apparently, in a joint venture, researchers from The Imperial College London and The Institute of Materials Research and Engineering based in Singapore are close to creating a medical scanning device similar to the “Tricorder” used by Dr Leonard McCoy in the popular Sci-Fi series Star Trek.

The X-Foundation are currently offering a $10 million prize for the development of a similar device and this could possibly meet all of their requirements and more.

The device that the X-Foundation are proposing would/will enable doctors to arrive at an initial diagnosis much faster than at present possibly by taking a sample such as breath, urine or blood for direct use in the device. Once developed  the new medical scanners are set to be small and light enough to be hand-held and will incorporate, amongst others, microfluidics, communications and wireless technology.

The device that the London/Singapore researchers are developing will be similar to T-ray imaging devices currently used in airport security scanners that operate on a low power output and are very expensive to produce. This innovation has been made possible due to the fact that researchers have managed to develop a means to concentrate T-Rays into a stronger, more continuous beam that produces a power output 100 times stronger than current T-Ray devices.

The Imperial College London released the following quote:

“The secret behind the innovation lies in the new nanno-antenna that we had developed and integrated into the semiconductor chip.”

This would obviously be a massive breakthrough for medical science and would conceivably cut back waiting times in hospitals/your local doctors surgery and potentially save an immeasurable amount of lives.

Let us know what you think.

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