Loose Weight With The Winking Robot Personal Trainer.

Many people hire personal trainers to help them to get fit due to the fact that they find it difficult to muster up the motivation to do it themselves on a regular basis. Although very effective and worthwhile this can be an expensive business, that`s where Autom comes in.

The Autom robot is being described as a Know-it-all-robot with human like expressions and has been developed by Intuitive Automata who specialize in the development of social robots for use in the health care industry.

The robot is designed to have daily conversations with the user in the comfort of their homes, asking personally relevant questions which the users answer by choosing the most relevant answer on the touch screen display (seen below).



The Robot tracks calories, tells you about the latest weight loss trends, gives you personalized suggestions and says motivational things. The company states that by developing an emotional bond with the robot users are more likely to actually stick to their diet and exercise regimes. You would be forgiven for thinking that the robot looks like a child’s toy however this piece of kit is nothing of the sort. It or “she” as the manufacturers like to call it, is programmed with the calorie count in over 74,000 foods including many meals that are to be found in popular restaurants and, due to the fact that many listings and menus often change, she is also programmed to update on a monthly basis when connected to a Wi-Fi service.

Would you use a device such as this and do you think it would motivate you to loose weight? Let us know in the comment box below…

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