Mark Zuckerberg fails to make Facebook “Go Dark” in protest against SOPA.


Mark Zuckerberg yesterday failed to act upon his dislike of SOPA (The Stop Online Piracy Act) a new law  introduced by the United States House of Representatives on October 26 2011  to stop websites from enabling or facilitating copyright infringement, by “Going Dark” (taking Facebook off line for a day) like many other websites such as: Wikipedia, Mozilla and

Mark Zuckerberg posted the following quote on Facebook yesterday:

“The internet is the most powerful tool we have for creating a more open and connected world. We can’t let poorly thought out laws get in the way of the internet’s development. Facebook opposes SOPA and PIPA, and we will continue to oppose any laws that will hurt the internet.
The world today needs political leaders who are pro-internet. We have been working with many of these folks for months on better alternatives to these current proposals. I encourage you to learn more about these issues and tell your congressmen that you want them to be pro-internet.”

It would seem that the general protest comes at an awkward time for Facebook not only because they could potentially lose $12 million in revenue by annoying their clients who have paid for advertising space on the site, but also because Facebook were set to announce a new set of apps for the site based on its new Open Graph and Textures platform on Wednesday evening and doing this while the site was “dark” would not be ideal to say the least.

Many journalists say that the proposed launch would have been the perfect platform to stage a “rant” against the controversial piece of legislation or that they should at least delay the launch for a few days. It is also clear that the same journalists would love to see Mark Zuckerberg go head to head against Congress, is this a battle that he could win? With Facebooks user count set to reach 1 billion this year if they recomended that their users protest against the bill it is possible but we will probably never know.

Let us know what you think.

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