Mobile Phone Love Toy – There`s An App For That!

In these difficult times we all need to kick back and relax now and again, there are many recreational activities that keep us happy and, for those with partners, these can be followed by returning home to your loved one and spending a lovely romantic evening together. But what about those people who, due to work commitments or otherwise, are in long distance relationships I hear you cry. Well, believe it or not, there is an App for that!

A San Francisco/Singapore based company called Vibease has created an App that allows men to control their partners vibrator from afar allowing partners to “keep their intimacy alive” while they are not together. The app requires a Vibease Vibrator/massager that comes in at around $80 and once the couple have linked their smart phones together via the app the female/recipient connects the “massager” to their phone via a Blue-tooth connection. Following this the “recipient” must then grant permission for their partner to take control of the device.

To spice things up the app also features other functions such as chat, photo sharing and video chat (this is highly recomended by the company.)

The co-founder of Vibease, Dema Tio, came up with the idea whilst he was working in Boston and his wife was in Singapore, he quotes…

“Although we were connected through Skype, we missed our intimate moments, and that was the hardest part. There is only so much software can do, I couldn’t find anything that was easy to use and not invasive, so I decided to design something myself. My wife found it exciting and at the same time, hilarious. At first it was just a pet project, but I realized there are many couples out there are looking for this solution.”

At present the app is only available for Android devices but is expected to be available on other devices in the future.

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