New Facebook Friendship Pages.

Over the next few days Facebook is rolling out a new Timeline style of friendship page (whether you want it or not).



Friendship pages have existed since late October 2010 which display every piece of information the network has about the relationship between you and any given friend. These pages are accessed by going to the friends profile page, clicking on the gear on the “Message” button and selecting Friendship Page from the drop down list. As we have said, these new style pages are being created over the next few days so you may not have the option just yet but it`s coming. In addition to this Facebook is also adding a new page named – this new page will display information about you and anyone you are in a “relationship” with.

The new style Friendship Page can be edited allowing users to remove certain information/images that they would prefer not to be visible although with regards to pictures that you are tagged in, if you wish to dissasociate yourself from them you will have to physically untag yourself from them.


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