New Game Gives Players The Opportunity To Virtually Bomb Iran.

A new game created by the Truman National Security Project being released on Friday will put players in the commander-in-chief`s seat and allow them to wage war against their enemies as they see fit.

During the game “Tell Me How It Ends” players will be provided with intelligence reports and briefs similar to those received by the US president in times of war and given the opportunity to retaliate with all of the assets at their disposal. One such scenario being promoted by the makers of the game will allow gamers to “virtually bomb Iran.” The makers of the game hope that using it will give people a better understanding of national security issues and the tough war related decisions that top level officials have to make under these circumstances.

The games name is derived from a comment that General David Petraeus made at the start of the Iraq war.

Truman Project Media Relations Director Stephanie Dreyer quotes…

“While the Iraq war may have been easy to start, the end game was far from clear, ten years later, one of the lessons of America`s second longest war is the need for an honest discussion of both the cost of war and the exit strategy from any military engagement. The purpose of this game is to teach Americans the cost and consequences of military engagement with Iran.”

It is worth mentioning that, after the horrific 9/11 attacks on America flight simulation games were edited so that gamers could not “crash” into buildings, this decision was taken to stop people trying to “virtually” recreate the event in which many innocent people lost their lives. Although there are obvious differences between the act of waging war in defence of ones country and the recreation of terrorist events some say that there are uncomfortable similarities between the two and that this game goes one step too far.

It has been said that the very fact that “virtually bombing Iran” is being used to promote the game would suggest that this is a propaganda tool of sorts.

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