Paper Waste In Enfield – Will your Business Survive?

Due to (in the whole big scheme of things) relatively new innovations like online data storage, paperless billing and email many people believe that paper waste in business is, or is rapidly becoming, a thing of the past; It would seem that this is not the case.

Recent studies show that even with new government, council and business drives to cut paper waste in Enfield the problem is far from being solved. The reality is that it`s actually causing many companies big problems financially in a time when overspending and waste of any kind are, for the majority of businesses, a very big concern.

Aside from the fact that the recycling of all kinds of waste is a legal requirement with hefty fines for companies that do not follow the correct procedures, recent figures show that on average businesses save between 4 and 5 percent of their annual turnover if they manage their waste and recycling efficiently, you would think that the annual savings would be incentive enough. The impact of waste disposal on a business isn’t just the bill we receive each month to empty the bin. There are lots of other impacts of waste that people simply do not realise, including:

  • Lost raw materials.
  • Handling and storage costs.
  • Energy and utility costs.
  • Time.
  • Effort.
  • Transportation.
  • Maintenance.
  • Staff and customer comfort.

All of the above impacts have a direct financial effect on business performance and this coupled with the fact that consumers are becoming more green conscious by the day it makes sense for businesses to take action, and fast. Some North London councils are offering shop window stickers and certificates for small businesses that commit to simple actions to help improve the environment allowing both staff and customers to see and appreciate the good work that there businesses are doing, this is having a real impact on management decisions regarding waste management as a whole but paper is the one thing that seems to get overlooked.

A recent study in the US shows that, on average, office employees get through over 10,000 sheets of paper during the course of a year and although we in the UK have a rather better record of waste management than our American cousins we are still wasting far too much overall. The simplest way to prevent this is the use of digital storage for documents and notes, the implementation of online promotion and email marketing and the implementation of company policies to ensure that employees stick to these principles and practices.

All businesses both large and small can and do benefit from email marketing and online promotion, when you take into consideration the obvious savings obtained from the reduction of printing and delivery costs for “paper marketing” like flyer’s and mail shots, the wider ordinance reached for your money and the overall improvement of the companies green image to it`s customers the way forward is clear.

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