Should we censor Website Design and Content?

Website Design and content is an ever evolving entity that is quite possibly more closely linked to business and social trends than anything else in the modern world.

While your Website Design is very important for attracting, engaging and stimulating both existing and potential users and clients the content on the Website is very quickly becoming the main point of contention across the global net.

A very good example of this is Facebook’s recent decision to remove video footage of people being decapitated after a tirade of complaints that this disgusting content was even allowed to remain on the site – once flagged up as inappropriate.

While it is beyond the comprehension of most normal people that anybody would want to upload or view this kind of content, the removal of which seems obvious, it does open a potential can of worms for Facebook and other social media sites if and when they do decide to actively remove anything – Censorship.

There are conflicting arguments regarding the whole censorship issue mainly focussing on exactly where the lines will be drawn once the “ball” is rolling.

Some of the obvious possible “grey areas” for censorship are listed below…

  • Politics.
  • Religion.
  • Individual opinions on what type of content may harm children. (Even with parental and software restrictions over children’s online access and activity they will possibly find a way to view such content if they really want to.)
  • The list goes on…

The problem now facing Facebook and other social media sites is that now the precedent has been set where will it stop?

One fundamental rights activist quotes – “Any intervention by Facebook to remove or block access to content would in practice amount to privatised censorship.”

One experienced psychologist quotes – “People, whether young or old, can be negatively affected by witnessing violence.”

It is very clear that when it comes to the internet we all have our own preferences regarding Website Design and the types of content that we like to view – we are all different after all!

It is literally impossible to please all of the people all of the time so for business owners, their Website Design and content it is preferable to find the happy medium as best as possible when structuring this very effective business tool.

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