Sneaky Facebook Scam.

Social media sites like Facebook are so popular they are, for many, the equivalent of reading a morning paper or watching the news on TV. Unfortunately this popularity comes at a price, SCAMS……….

The most recent scam to hit Facebook are the emails that are sent to you informing you that a FRIEND has tagged you in a photo, be very cautious as it could be a TRAP!

A new strain of malware circulating the Facebook social networking site has recently been identified by security firm Sophos as Troj/Agent-XNN. This malware encourages users to “view photos as an attachment” and after clicking on the infected link disguised as a Facebook notification email, a zip file containing said malicious software allows hackers to gain control of Windows operated computers (this could be you!)

Most Facebook TAG notifications tell you which friend has tagged you in a photograph but instead this malware informs you that “one of your friends added a new photo with you to the album.” We have added a screen shot of the fake email bellow:

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