Social Media Incentive For Dieting.

Ever tried to diet or get fit and lost the motivation? Thought so but fear not, there`s an APP for that!

The new WS-30 is the latest Internet-connected bathroom scale from Withing, it is the eagerly awaited follow up to the companies first product of this sort the Withings Body Scale.

Although the company supply their own Withings Health Companion App they have expanded the functionality of this device to incorporate over 60 fitness Apps currently on the market to make the user experience easier and, with regards to social media posting, more wide spread. The scale, featured in the picture below, utilises both bluetooth and wireless technology to easily connect the device to your computer, smart phone or tablet allowing the user to log their fitness data, combine their goals, progress and weight wirelessly.

If however you are one of those people that jump on the scales, see the result and then instantly claim that they are either broken or need re-calibrating then beware, these scales actually calibrate themselves in the background on a regular basis so there is no fooling either the scales or, more importantly, yourselves. Individual profiles can be set up with the obvious privacy settings necessary for a sensitive subject such as a persons weight and they also automatically detect a new user so there is no danger of another persons details being posted to your account.

It is thought that for some the incentive of publicly advertising their progress will incentivize them to continue and will keep them constantly motivated during their everyday lives.


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