TechCrunch Disrupt – Facebook, The New Home For Gamers?

Is Facebook becoming the new home for gamers? According to its CEO Mark Zuckerberg it is!

Mr Zuckerberg made the claim during a live interview with TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington at the conference held in San Francisco, CA on Tuesday stating that 235 million people are playing games on the site every month and naming Kixeye and as two of the fastest growing game companies on the site while Zinga, which has been suffering from falling stock prices and departing executives is rapidly losing its market share on the platform.

In comparison Microsoft`s Xbox Live had around 40 million users per month at the beginning of the year so it`s easy to see that, for gamers, Facebook is becoming or has become extremely popular. The most likely explanation for this is the sites general popularity and attraction for people of all ages and the fact that we, as users, are choosing to “do everything in one place” as opposed to switching between sites for different activities. The varied nature, skill level and interactivity of the games on Facebook is also a huge factor.

TechCrunch is a leading technology media property and its latest conference, TechCrunch Disrupt has been one of the most eagerly anticipated technology conferences of the year where, amongst other attractions, emerging companies are given the opportunity to demo on a worldwide stage, putting them directly in front of the biggest innovators, angel investors, venture capitalists and influencers within the tech community.

This year`s winner Your Mechanic, which is being hailed as the “Uber of car maintenance” took the $50,000 prize and the coveted Disrupt Cup for its vision of streamlining the process of getting your car fixed without having to leave home. Users can either use the Your Mechanic website or mobile app to very quickly describe the problem using technical or “vague terms,” find a registered local mechanic and arrange the payment terms and time of visit. Your Mechanic states that most independant insured mechanics can deal with approximately 80% of car issues without having to lean on the expensive amenities found in most shops which enables them to keep their prices lower, making the work cheaper for the customer and earn more money from the work that they do.


Do you play games on Facebook and would you use a mobile mechanic website or app? Leave your comments below…..


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