Virus Threat To Apple Computers.

For as long as I can remember when I have asked friends and acquaintances for advice on PC anti-virus software the reply was very often the same, “I use a Mac, they don`t get viruses.”  This fact has been a key selling point for Apple Computers over the years with boasts like “Apple hardware is built on the world`s most advanced operating system” and “it doesn’t get PC viruses,” the company`s marketing department has, in the past, gone as far as to suggest that its machines are “unsusceptible to viruses and other malware.” It would seem that they can make this claim no longer…..

During the month of April 2012 a malware package designed to steal personal information named the “Flashback Trojan” infected over half a million computers worldwide with 57% of the machines located in the US and over 12% in the UK. The malware was initially found in September 2011 masquerading as a fake Adobe Flash Player plugin but subsequently evolved to exploit Java vulnerabilities in Mac systems, this problem was addressed shortly after when Apple released a patch to combat the problem.

The patch and instructions on how to install it are freely available on the Apple website where you will, if you are a regular visitor, notice that a few changes have been made to the text regarding the security assurances that the company gives. The previous statements “it doesn`t get PC viruses” and “Safeguard your data by doing nothing” have been replaced, by the more generic and gentler quotes “It`s built to be safe” and “Safety built in,” respectively.

As I have said, it would seem that Mac users will now have to join the ranks of the PC user in having to be concerned about the protection of data and the vulnerability of their machines.

Have you been affected by this or any other problem regarding your computers security? If so let us know…

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