Why are photo sharing sites becoming so popular?

This week Facebook announced that it had purchased the popular photo sharing site, Instagram for $1bn (£630million). Considering Instagram only has 13 employees, it makes the business worth $77m a head. Why do Facebook value this photo sharing site so highly? Why are photo sharing sites becoming so popular?

It’s simple, because taking photos and sharing photos has never been easier and more fun! There is a photo opportunity every day in life and with mobile phones and apps, documenting life through a lens is simple and easy

Instagram is popular because of its simplicity and user friendly features. It allows anyone to take a quick snap on their phone and make it look professional. Photo sharing’s ease over other forms of media, like video which are much harder so produce, share and look professional, makes it a social winner and it’s here to stay.

Instagram hit the news this month and last month everyone was talking about Pinterest, a photo sharing social network, which was the fastest social network to reach 10 million users, quicker than Facebook and Twitter. There is sure to be a new trend next month but for now we’ll be enjoy making our snap shots look like vintage polaroids.

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